ZONE of creativity

Advertising – Birks

Advertising – Cirrus Communications

Advertising – D. English printer, Canadiens Magazine, Special edition for the Centennial

Advertising – Genevision division, Warnex

Advertising – Kohler, magazine Liquidation Plomberie Mascouche

Advertising – Kraft dressings

Advertising – Montreal Canadiens for the Playoffs

Advertising – National Coalition Against Contraband Tobacco, for Leroux Prudhomme

Advertising – Remax de Francheville, Pierrette G. Pellerin

Advertising – Maison Éthier

Advertising – Monnol

Advertising – Monnol

Advertising – Monnol

Advertising – Techo-Bloc

Advertising – Tremblant Elysium

Advertising – Vert le but, Montreal Canadiens

Advertorial – Couche-tard, Stromboli book, for Leroux Prudhomme

Advertorials – Bougez plus, Mangez mieux, Gouvernement du Québec

Annual Brochure – The Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation

Annual Guide – RDI, for Tattoo Communication